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InterAction Volume 5, Number 4 & Volume 6, Number 1 Up

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:21 pm
by Andy Roark

Volume 5, Number 4 went up last night. It may be a bit uglier than normal - the original magazine I had was off center and I had to fight every page to get it somewhat straight in the PDF.

Volume 6, Number 1 went up tonight (I lied about the drinking - I don't drink :wink: ).

I'm hitting a blank patch in my collection. Next up will be Volume 7, Number 1. After that I skip ahead again to Volume 8, Number 2. It will be up to you guys or someone else to get some scans to me and I'd love to get them.

Updates might be a little sparse over the rest of this week (MBA class on Thursday night) and into the middle of next week (family visit). I didn't want anyone to worry I had given up....

Thanks for the support I've had so far and I look forward to getting the rest of these scans done.