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Ahhh the games :)

Because of the scale of this project and the sheer number of games, this section will be in a constant state of development. If there is a specific section that I have not yet implemented that you would like to see sooner than another please let me know. Otherwise you can expect frequent updates in the coming weeks.

I have tried my best to categorize the titles giving each section a heading (i.e. King's Quest). Obviously all of the main series' have their own sections. The non-series games (Iceman, Gold Rush, etc) can be found in the Other Games section. Games such as Dr. Brain, Incredible Machine, etc are located under Puzzle Games. Games like Pepper's Adventures in Time and Mickey's Space Adventure can be found under Childrens. Finally the early Atari and C64 'console-style' games are in Arcade Games.

Each game has a detailed picture and description of the packaging and contents as well as release dates and any significant information about each release. I have found that little is known about several games especially the early releases, so if you have any information about a specific game you would like to contribute please do. Also if you have any Sierra games laying around please visit my wanted page.

Lastly none of these games are for sale so please do not ask.