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1st Release 1980 (Apple Folder) | 2nd Release (Atari Folder) | 3rd Release 198? (Box)
4th Release 198? (SierraVenture)

Mission Asteroid - Small On-Line Systems Folder (Atari Version)

   Mission Asteroid and Contents

Contents: (1)5.25" disk, Folder, Warranty card
Year Released: 198?

I believe this is the second release of Mission Asteroid. Like the first, it also came in the standard 6 1/2"x 7 1/2" folder with installation and play instructions in the interior. This folder is for the Atari and it differs from the Apple release in that the "On-line Systems" logo is larger. The disk shown here is incorrect, typically all early On-Line systems releases that came in blue disk sleeves had gold labels. Not the brown/tan that is shown. Although Sierra was known to kind of throw "left overs" together during the end of the game's production. So this could have been released this way.

*Note* Even though Mission Asteroid is labeled Hi-Res Adventure #0, it was not the first game developed. Mystery House was indeed the first.