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   Slash Releases Demystified - Page 4

Finally, we have the contents...The contents of Slash releases are usually enclosed in a white envelope.

Inside the envelope you will find a photocopied manual (sometimes you just get the copy protection pages), photocopied reference cards and cheap disks with cheap labels:


The paper used for the photocopies is the cheapest you can find and usually doesn't hold up well at all. The disks with these releases are notorious for "bad sector" errors and are usually only good for one or two installs.

I hope this article has helped you get a better picture of what exactly a Slash game is and how to spot them. When I started collecting via ebay I remember one of my first purchases was a shrink wrapped King's Quest II. The bidding was fierce and it came down to the final seconds, I paid the seller immediately because I couldn't wait to get this treasure! Three or four days later the box came and I unpacked the game, I felt privileged to have a 10 year old game perfectly preserved! As I examined it I noticed it wasn't quite like the other games I had...the inner box was a different color and I immediately noticed the difference in the specification label. At the time I really didn't know what to think because I had never heard of a Slash release. So after an hour or so of debate, I decided to open it! You can imagine my disappointment when I went through the contents of the box. I couldn't believe it...I had paid $100 for some photocopies and a junk disk! I immediately checked with one of my friends to try and make some sense out what had just happened and then I was told about the evil that is Slash.

So remember that while you are out there hunting and before you shell out mega-bucks for a minty fresh shrink wrapped game...make absolutely sure it is original! Otherwise nothing but disappointment and feelings of betrayal will be in your future. End of line...

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