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   Collecting Information

Here is some information which will aide you during your quest for Sierra games.


Throughout the years Sierra changed its packaging many times. In its infancy (On-Line Systems) they released the disks with a single sheet of medium stock colored paper in zip-lock bags. The disks were gold labeled and came in white sleeves with the On-Line Systems logo on the front. Then up until the release of Time Zone the games were packaged (under the On-Line Systems name) in small folders. The disks that came with the folders also had gold labels but the sleeves were blue with the On-Line Systems logo still present of the front. Time Zone was released as a two piece box and was the last to carry the On-Line Systems name. After Time Zone Sierra began releasing games in two catagories, SierraVenture and SierraVision. The SierraVenture games came in large 8"x11" folders. While the SierraVision games were released in small one-piece boxes. The disks for both SierraVenture and SierraVision releases had brown labels and came in brown sleeves with the early Sierra On-Line logo on the front. The early educational games were also released in small on-piece boxes only instead of SierraVision they boasted the first Sierra On-Line logo at the bottom. The disks also came in the same brown sleeves but the labels were white with brown text. After that came the "clam-shell" style boxes which were made up of cardboard glued to a white plastic clamshell, it is not clear how many games were released this way.


In 1984 with the release of King's Quest Sierra moved to a on-piece box approx 4"x5" with a plastic holding tray inside. In 1985 they changed the box a little by adding a "flip-lid." Finally in 1987 Sierra changed to the most common thin slip cover boxes. The boxes were a tannish color and came in two pieces with a picture of Half-dome on the top. In 1990 they doubled the width of the boxes to allow more room for the increasing number of disks packaged with each new release, the inner box was all white. With their last few releases (SQ6, KQ7, LSL7) Sierra returned to the one-piece box style.