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The elusive Trapshoot found! Check out the page here: Trapshoot 1980 release!! The release of Laf Pak has also been added: Laf Pak 1982 release


(Trumpet Sounding)...(Crowd - "HURRAH!")

WE HAVE UPDATES! Yes you read correctly! After taking a few months off for recuperation and various other things I finally set aside some time to do some major updates!

First you will notice the game menu as changed a little to included a category dedicated to the Ultima Games, Dynamix titles have been given their own section (though still under construction), a section for Sierra's line of Productivity Software and the Action/Arcade (formerly just arcade) section has been expanded!

Next, speaking of Action/Arcade, the section has been updated to actually include information about the games listed ;) Games ranging from Cannonball Blitz to Threshold have been given the full vintage-sierra.com treatment! Check it out for picture, description and release info goodness!

Finally, there have been various small changes/additions throughout the site. They include new hint books, games (like Goblins 4), pictures, descriptions, music on the main pages is now streaming which should help those with slower internet connections and some surprises I will leave up to you to find!

Also note that our Forum will be celebrating it's one year anniversary tomorrow!!! I want to take a moment and thank thank all the participants for making it an enjoyable place to hang out and chat about our favorite games, let's keep up the great work!! Be sure to check out the latest topics and discussions now!


I know...I know...Almost the entire summer without updates!! Well I apologize...I have been so busy and had to go through a rather long recovery after my surgery in June. Please bear with me as these updates ARE coming. I have a TON of new games to photograph, write descriptions for and put up in their respective categories.

Also many you have noticed the site blackouts at the end of the month have not improved so please, please, please consider making a donation to the museum. Even if it is a dollar or two, if 50 people do that we will be well on our way!


Well it looks like the latest installment of the Leisure Suit Larry series is coming along nicely, Sierra recently launched the official site for Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude!


Oh yeah, only 18 and up are permitted ;-)


I am proud to announce a newly opened section of the Museum; The Sierra Theater & Radio Room! Created by popular request, you will find video segments produced by Sierra for retailers and fans. Also, on the radio side you will find the Sierra Reunion Radio Show that was broadcast on TalkSpot.com in 1998. I am hoping (keep your fingers crossed) this new section doesn't cause chaos in the bandwidth department!!! We'll try it out and see how it goes :)

If that wasn't enough I have add a few new Interactions to the Magazine section.

And finally, get ready, as there are some major changes headed for the Museum in the very near future! Stay tuned...!


Time for a late night upload! I recently completed a new article on how to identify a Slash release! You can find it by clicking Sierra at the top and and then Articles. Or simply by clicking here Slash Releases Demystified enjoy! :)


Just a small update this time. I added a bunch of new hint books, including; Police Quest I, King's Quest II, Space Quest I, Castle of Dr. Brain, etc! I was finally able to aquire the colored folder version of Cranston Manor! Also I got around to taking a picture of the CD-ROM release of The Incredible Machine 2.


Check 'em out!

I have added Sierra's first publication The Online Letter. Published in June of 1981, it showcases some of the projects On-line Systems was working on at the time. I am curious to know if this was a monthly publication or if it was just a one time thing.

Also while you are here sign up for our new Forum!!!


Well, after hundreds of e-mails and a lot of hard work I have finally updated the Other games section and I think some of the collectors out there will be very pleased. For this section includes Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash! One of the rarest computer games in existence

Oh and make sure you check out the new Forum too!! That's all for now.


I am pleased to announce the addition of a forum to Vintage-Sierra.com! So follow the link above, register and start discussing!!! See you there!


Well it's official. Vivendi has announced their intentions to release a new Larry game for the PC and I can't believe I am saying this...next-gen consoles... Sigh...

Here are some information I found:

"Thanks to the hard work of the game's designers at VU Games and High Voltage Software, Magna Cum Laude will build upon the popularity of the PC franchise and extend the Leisure Suit Larry experience to console gamers."

"Inspired by films like American Pie and There's Something About Mary, the game is packed full of outrageous humor and raucous game-play," said Philip O'Neil, SVP Sales & Marketing, Vivendi Universal Games.

American Pie?? Something About Mary???? Seriously...

Apparently the story isn't even about Larry Laffer it's about Larry (get ready for this) Lovage!??! Larry Laffer's nephew. Here are some screen shots: 1   2   3

I have the trailer for the game, but I hesitate to post it here due to its size. It has this strange "rock" version of the original Larry tune that I find repugnant. If there is enough interest I may see what I can do to get it posted.

On a better note Al Lowe has posted more news on his site pertaining to possible involvement in the next game. Keep your fingers crossed!


Leisure Suit Larry 8?

Yep, you read correctly, the buzz is in the air! The infamous bachelor with the white suit may be stimulating your pixels again soon. According to the cover of next month's Computer Games Magazine Larry is back in an all new game with the working title "Magna Cum Laude." According to Al Lowe's website: "Sierra has had a game under development for over a year, intended for a release date of late 2004."

Unfortunately Mr. Lowe also states that thus far he has not been involved in the project... This doesn't really sit well with me because to me Larry is an extension of Al. Without him I just don't see how this game can keep with the spirit of the series. Perhaps I am being too critical too early but I guess that is better than being disappointed in the end. Anyway, be sure to watch this site for news and information about the game as it develops. Also, look for a big update in the next week or two, including a real treat for software collectors everywhere!

Is it really possible?

OK, so this isn't the major update I promised...but hey! It's something :)

To start things off, I added the "Clamshell" style versions of Mickey's Space Adventure, Donald Duck's Playground and Winnie the Pooh. They can be found in the Childrens section. I added the "red-window" version of the Space Quest II hint book in the Space Quest section and I was finally able to obtain the hint book for The Black Cauldron. Finally, after much speculation, I have settled the debate over the existance of a large SierraVenture folder release of Mission Asteroid! My discovery can be found here. Enjoy!


Due to the amount of requests I am getting for site updates I have decided to put what I have so far up in the Puzzle section of the games. It isn't complete but hey, it's something :) I also updated my Wanted page as well as adding a few new items to various sections (such as a shot of the poster included with Time Zone).

With the end of the school year in sight I should have A LOT more time in the coming months to do some REAL updates. Until then enjoy the small taste I have posted today!


I have started the Magazine section by posting a few Interaction covers. I am missing quite a few so if you have covers to submit or old magazines you wish to sell please let me know.


OK, I apoligize for the extreme lack of updates!! But let me assure you a massive update is coming. The main reasons for the delay have been my return to school and upgrading to Windows XP. It seem with XP I can no longer take screen shots of DOS games...I have no idea why, if anyone is able to do this please let me know. Otherwise I am in the process of installing Win98 on an old laptop to get the shots. In the meantime enjoy some information for collecting these games. Thank you for your patience!


Hello again! I recently completed and uploaded the Children's section (including the elusive Gelfing Adventure)! I apologize for the recent lack of updates. The sections that remain are the largest and most time consuming but I will do my best to produce more regular updates from now on.

In other news I have updated the Links and Wanted pages as well as a few of the games pages (I finally obtained a On-Line Systems folder release of Ulyssess!). Thank you to everyone who has contributed dates and other release information.

On a final note: It looks like the site has finally been picked up by Google.com as well as a few other important search engines! Until next time!


Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I have finally completed and uploaded the Hi-Res Adventures section, I hope you enjoy!
Information about these games is virtually non-existent, so if anyone would like to contribute information (such as release dates, order of specific game releases, production numbers, etc) please e-mail me.

I have also updated my Links and Wanted pages.

In other good news it looks like the site as surpassed 1000 visits in less than two months!!! Now if we could only get in those pesky search engines! That's all for now!


Well, I think it is time for some updates! I apologize for the lack of updates, over the past several weeks I have been extremely busy with work and family activities which left this site on the back burner. I did, however, manage to get a few things done, and here they are. First of all the Gobliiins and Hoyle sections are up! I also:

  • Started the Articles section. If you have any articles written by a member of the Sierra staff you think are interesting, please feel free to submit them.
  • Updated/Added some Links
  • Made several small changes within the games area
  • Updated my want list

Traffic is certainly on the rise, I have been trying to get listed on a few of the main search engines with little or no luck. If anyone has any suggestions in order to expedite this process please let me know. Until next time, enjoy the new stuff!!


Hello again! I finally finished the Ecoquest section! I may try to redo the Eco1 top image of the main page though, it just doesn't seem to mesh well with that blue :( I also added a few more pictures of games and hintbooks I just received such as the Leisure Suit Larry 1 remake and LSL5 hintbook. That is all for now!


It's cinco de mayo! And to celebrate I have finished the Laura Bow and Manhunter sections! I also:

  • reconfigured the games menu, adding Gabriel Knight, Hi Res Adventures and Childrens
  • renamed a few of the categories to better organize the games
  • I also setup some preliminary pages for the unfinished sections
  • added more names to the people page (long way to go)

It looks like traffic is starting to increase, it's nice to see that you guys can make use of resource like this. Finally, keep the feedback comming and check back soon for more updates!


Al Lowe is scheduled to appear on "The Screen Savers" on TechTV this evening. "The Screen Savers" begins at 6:00 pm CST and will air again at 9:00 pm CST.


Well after several months of writing HTML and taking pictures I am finally proud to announce the launch of Vintage-Sierra.com. This site is by no means complete so expect frequent updates during the next several weeks. Please, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc please let me know. I would like to make this site as informative as possible while still maintaining a high degree of usability. So feedback is always appreciated!


Interview with Al Lowe at Applelinks: To the interview